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2015 Golden Bullseye Pioneer Award Winner

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Lewis Danielson received this year’s prestigious Golden Bullseye Pioneer Award. His company, Crimson Trace, pioneered the firearm-mounted laser business, and not only introduced the word “Lasergrips” into the shooting sports lexicon, but remains the leader in the field. Others tried and gave up on handgun-mounted lasers, but Danielson saw the potential and persevered in the development of a working model with instinctive activation. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University (which subsequently inducted him into its Engineering Hall of Fame), Danielson worked in the steel industry, then on agricultural machinery before making his way to engineering and prototyping. During the day, Danielson made parts for the aerospace industry; while at night and on the weekends he worked on an idea that would change the firearm industry forever. Crimson Trace was born in 1994, and at his first NRA Annual Meetings, Danielson and one other employee manned a card table. Their modest card table was mobbed. As the evolution of handgun design progressed, so did Crimson Trace. While the M1911 and Ruger Mk II were ideally suited to Lasergrips, Danielson and his engineers devised ways to put Lasergrips on polymer-frame guns, then invented the innovative Laserguard that clamshells around a pistol’s trigger guard. Crimson Trace is also in the weaponlight business with its Lightguard series, and has products for long guns as well, including the Railmaster Series and MVF-515. Lewis Danielson is a proud patriot, a man who steadfastly employs American workers and has a strong passion for Second Amendment-protected...
American Rifleman 2015 Golden Bullseye Award Winners

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The editors of American Rifleman are burdened with myriad duties, but perhaps most daunting among them is the selection of the winner of the Golden Bullseye Award. The Golden Bullseye is a symbol of excellence and innovation in firearms, accessories and related equipment. Each year, the staff of American Rifleman labors over this heavy decision while the contenders daydream of victory as they await the announcement. “We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Golden Bullseye Awards,” said Doug Hamlin, Executive Director of NRA Publications. “This year’s winners exemplify what NRA members want in their shooting and hunting equipment—outstanding performance, innovative design and value. A new category for 2015—the Women’s Innovation Product of the Year—highlights the importance of what has become the fastest-growing segment in the firearm marketplace. We congratulate those who have created the industry’s best new products and look forward to recognizing them in Nashville.” Merely qualifying for consideration of a Golden Bullseye Award necessitates the meeting of the following requirements: Recently introduced and available to consumers prior to the selection of the Golden Bullseye Awards; Used/tested by a staff member or regular contributor to the magazine and/or affiliated media; Reliable in the field, meeting or exceeding the evaluator’s expectations; Innovative in design and function; Readily perceived as a value to the purchaser; and Styled in a manner befitting the shooting and hunting industry and, perhaps more importantly, its enthusiasts. The Golden Bullseye Award acknowledges the finest products available in the shooting sports, but the Golden Bullseye Pioneer Award specifically honors outstanding personal achievement. The Pioneer Award spotlights the exemplary achievement and cumulative body of...