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That Ammo You Bought May Save a Moose

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Ammunition sales were unprecedented in 2014, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding for wildlife conservation programs. The Pittman-Robertson Act, signed by FDR in 1937, reallocated the 11% excise tax on firearms and ammo from the US Treasure to the Secretary of the Interior, who in turn, distributes it to the States based upon a formula that takes into consideration land area and the number of licensed hunters. In 2014, $814M was collected, a jump from 2013’s record-breaking $812M and triple that of ten years ago. The money will be used to protect wildlife habitats, count animals for population surveys, research wildlife health issues and to purchase and improve land for wildlife management areas. According to a recent article in the Grand Forks Herald: The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources will get a whopping $24.9 million in 2015 based on last year’s gun and ammo sales — that’s the most ever, up from $23.3 million in 2014, more than double the state’s $11.2 million in 2012 and more than more than three times the $7 million the state got in 2006. “It’s been an absolute boon for habitat programs the last few years. We’re doing more things than we ever could before,” said Tom Landwehr, commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. There was a surge in gun and ammo sales in 2008. Experts speculate that gun lovers stocked up because they feared the possible ramifications of a democrat in the Oval Office. Essentially, the ammo hoarders were doing the nature lovers a big solid. Jim Hodgson, regional chief of wildlife and sport fish restoration...
Beretta 92FS Italy 9mm 4.9″ 15+1 Synthetic Grip Bruniton Black

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The 92 series of semiautomatic pistols operates on a short recoil, delayed blowback system, which yields; faster cycle times, exceptional accuracy and greater reliability. Double/Single action provides a very safe and timeproven design. High-capacity steel magazines are durable and drop-free when the magazine button is depressed, even when empty. Chrome-lined barrels provide extreme corrosion resistance, as well as ease of cleaning. Barrels also feature a deeply recessed combat muzzle crown to protect the rifling. The most tested and trusted personal defense weapon in history. The 92FS, designated M9 by the U.S. Military, not only meets or exceeds all U.S. Military testing guidelines, it totally rewrites them. View this handgun in our gun...
Firearms and Evacuation in Florida

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Here in Florida, we spend half the year prepared for disaster. A hurricane the likes of Charlie or Katrina can strike at any time. If you and your family were evacuated due to a natural disaster, would you want to leave your firearms behind? SB-290 is a bill intended to protect citizens from being disarmed and charged with a crime for carrying a weapon or firearm during a mandatory evacuation ordered by the Governor or local government during a declared state of emergency. The bill was heard on the senate floor on March 24, 2015, passing 29-10. All Republicans and 3 Democrats voted for the bill. Ten Democrats voted against the bill. The bill now moves to House in the hands of Rep. Heather Fitzenhagen (R-Ft. Myers) who passed the bill out of the House last year only to have it fail in the Senate.   You can read the bill here: Read more on...
NRA Stalls AR-15 Ammo Ban

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The National Rifle Association (NRA) just announced its part in the stalling of the Obama Administration’s initial attempt to ban commonly used ammunition for the AR-15, the most popular rifle in America. The announcement that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) will suspend its proposed framework to ban M855 ammunition validates the NRA’s assertion that this effort was nothing more than a political maneuver to bypass Congress and impose gun control on the American people. “Today’s announcement proves what we have said all along — this was 100% political. President Obama failed to pass gun control through Congress, so he tried to impose his political agenda through executive fiat. But every gun owner in America needs to understand Barack Obama’s hatred of the Second Amendment has not changed,” said Wayne La Pierre, Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association. Chris Cox, Executive Director of NRA-ILA criticized the dishonest campaign to ban this common ammunition: “The lies used to justify the ban were shameful. This proposal was never about law enforcement safety—it was about the Obama Administration’s desire to pander to billionaire Michael Bloomberg and his gun control groups.  Since they haven’t been able to ban America’s most popular rifle, they are trying to ban the ammunition instead.” Since the BATFE announced its plan to ban commonly used ammunition less than a month ago, the NRA rallied its five million members and tens of millions of supporters across the country in strong opposition.  In addition, the NRA worked with congressional leaders in both the U.S. House and Senate to oppose this misguided proposal. “The NRA would...
2015 Golden Bullseye Pioneer Award Winner

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Lewis Danielson received this year’s prestigious Golden Bullseye Pioneer Award. His company, Crimson Trace, pioneered the firearm-mounted laser business, and not only introduced the word “Lasergrips” into the shooting sports lexicon, but remains the leader in the field. Others tried and gave up on handgun-mounted lasers, but Danielson saw the potential and persevered in the development of a working model with instinctive activation. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University (which subsequently inducted him into its Engineering Hall of Fame), Danielson worked in the steel industry, then on agricultural machinery before making his way to engineering and prototyping. During the day, Danielson made parts for the aerospace industry; while at night and on the weekends he worked on an idea that would change the firearm industry forever. Crimson Trace was born in 1994, and at his first NRA Annual Meetings, Danielson and one other employee manned a card table. Their modest card table was mobbed. As the evolution of handgun design progressed, so did Crimson Trace. While the M1911 and Ruger Mk II were ideally suited to Lasergrips, Danielson and his engineers devised ways to put Lasergrips on polymer-frame guns, then invented the innovative Laserguard that clamshells around a pistol’s trigger guard. Crimson Trace is also in the weaponlight business with its Lightguard series, and has products for long guns as well, including the Railmaster Series and MVF-515. Lewis Danielson is a proud patriot, a man who steadfastly employs American workers and has a strong passion for Second Amendment-protected...
American Rifleman 2015 Golden Bullseye Award Winners

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The editors of American Rifleman are burdened with myriad duties, but perhaps most daunting among them is the selection of the winner of the Golden Bullseye Award. The Golden Bullseye is a symbol of excellence and innovation in firearms, accessories and related equipment. Each year, the staff of American Rifleman labors over this heavy decision while the contenders daydream of victory as they await the announcement. “We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Golden Bullseye Awards,” said Doug Hamlin, Executive Director of NRA Publications. “This year’s winners exemplify what NRA members want in their shooting and hunting equipment—outstanding performance, innovative design and value. A new category for 2015—the Women’s Innovation Product of the Year—highlights the importance of what has become the fastest-growing segment in the firearm marketplace. We congratulate those who have created the industry’s best new products and look forward to recognizing them in Nashville.” Merely qualifying for consideration of a Golden Bullseye Award necessitates the meeting of the following requirements: Recently introduced and available to consumers prior to the selection of the Golden Bullseye Awards; Used/tested by a staff member or regular contributor to the magazine and/or affiliated media; Reliable in the field, meeting or exceeding the evaluator’s expectations; Innovative in design and function; Readily perceived as a value to the purchaser; and Styled in a manner befitting the shooting and hunting industry and, perhaps more importantly, its enthusiasts. The Golden Bullseye Award acknowledges the finest products available in the shooting sports, but the Golden Bullseye Pioneer Award specifically honors outstanding personal achievement. The Pioneer Award spotlights the exemplary achievement and cumulative body of...